‘It’s all true, except I don’t have a girlfriend’ – Uber driver confirms viral video is genuine

The Sydney Uber driver who mistook a sex worker for a fare may not be as naive as first appears.

Daniel Moore, whose other job is professional musician with Sydney’s Hot Potato Band, said he got the Uber booking just after 9.30pm last Thursday night, requesting a pick-up in Bourke Street near Oxford Street in the city’s east.

When not Uber driving Daniel Moore plays the sousaphone with the Hot Potato Band

“You just trust the pin and when I got to the pin the woman I thought was Chelsea waved me down,” he told the Daily Telegraph Online.

“I’ve had a few fares from sex workers around the Kings Cross area, it’s not that unusual. But she was wearing something like a sloppy joe and baggy trousers, I wouldn’t have picked her for a sex worker in a minute.”

Mr Moore, who captured the ensuing confused and hilarious conversation on his dash cam, said he was not surprised some people were commenting on Facebook they believed the video was a set up.

“The way she closes the door just as the real Chelsea calls, it’s all too perfect. You couldn’t plan that if you tried.”

There is, however, one aspect of the recording that is fake.

When the sex worker propositions her driver and the penny drops, Mr Moore replies: “My girlfriend wouldn’t like that too much, sorry honey.”

“Actually I don’t have a girlfriend. I just said that when things started getting a bit uncomfortable,” he laughs.

With the video going viral and the driver’s gentlemanly behaviour towards the sex worker widely applauded, will Mr Moore’s love life now be on the rise?

Daniel Moore (right) with Hot Potato Band members Max Mallen-Cooper and James Mackay.