‘It’s all true, except I don’t have a girlfriend’ – Uber driver confirms viral video is genuine

The Sydney Uber driver who mistook a sex worker for a fare may not be as naive as first appears. Daniel Moore, whose other job is professional musician with Sydney’s Hot Potato Band, said he got the Uber booking just after 9.30pm last Thursday night, requesting a pick-up in Bourke Street near Oxford Street in […]

Sex Robots Are Coming, and They’re Not as Skeevy as You Think

The https://www.nbcnews.com anounce us that  soon we will have some sex robots. Off course …first will be the woman robots. Sex doll manufacturers and independent roboticists are designing and building the first humanlike robots that people can have sex with. Sex robots are “essentially creating the illusion of the more you interact, the more you get […]

The 6 Must-Try Sex Positions, According to Real Women

From http://www.marieclaire.com we find out a few nice tricks about how to make a woman orgasm faster and better. If the phrase “familiarity breeds contempt” rings true, going through all the same motions in the bedroom, time and time again, doesn’t exactly help in the love department. Relationship experts recommend keeping things spontaneous (whether that means trying a […]

The Amazing Range Of Sex Toys

The variety of sex toys is surprising. Sex toys vary from purely male or purely female sex toys to toys that can be used by both sexes. There are also some sex toys that can also be classified as sex aids or marital aids. The Purpose Of Sex Toys Some sex toys aid the man’s […]

Sex Addiction FAQ

1. What is sex addiction? Sex addiction is a way some people medicate their feelings and/or cope with their stresses to the degree that their sexual behavior becomes their major coping mechanism for stresses in their life. The individual often can not stop this sexual behavior for any great length of time by themselves. The […]